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  • More than


    MSSP lives managed


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    Man years of health IT experience
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    Medicaid Lives Managed


    Average ACO gross savings
  • 6%

    ACO market share
  • 95.6

    Average ACO quality score
  • $236

    Per patient per year gross savings

The Word Out there...

"Every crew needs a navigator and The Garage has been a fantastic way finder for us. The Bridge has given us our bearings and a clear direction with improving value in care."
- Sharma Vaughn, Executive Director, Community Care Alliance

"We have been impressed with the flexibility and extensibility of the Bridge platform. With 5.2.0, we look forward to a new version that promises to build on the great experience we have had to-date."
- Lissa Lara, CEO, Freedom Healthcare Alliance

"The Garage has a comprehensive toolset that we can leverage to address the most challenging needs in senior housing and post-acute care."
- Mark Hansen, CEO, Santé

"With the patient at the forefront, we sought a proven solution that enables our teams to provide optimal care coordination, reporting and patient satisfaction, and we found that in The Garage. Our collaboration with the Garage will allow us to drive better care and services, while simultaneously moving the needle on key business objectives like decreasing costs and improving value."
- Joe Taylor, Executive Director, Community Care Collaborative

"My experience with Telehealth has been wonderful, the image and the sound are optimum and when patients get to understand it they greatly appreciate it."
- Victor Bulnes, PA

"I am personally very excited about everything your platform is going to bring to the table for our ACO and extremely thankful for the quick response and kindness received from your staff."
- April Johnson, Quality Practive Advisor Associate, Collaborative Health Systems, A Wellcare Company

"I absolutely love it !. I have used a couple of different platforms but never worked with a strong, multifunctional system that truly embraces the way healthcare is moving towards to."
- Johanna D, Quality Practice Advisor, Collaborative Health Systems, A Wellcare Company

"Telehealth has been a positive addition to our practice during these challenging times. While a simple telephone call can take care of the needs of a majority of my patients, such as refills, this platform has been very helpful if I need to physically see the patient and when caring for new patients who I may not have their clinical history."
- Cheng Gonjon M.D., Imperial Medical PC

"As we all struggle together in addressing this virus, we're grateful to companies like The Garage who are taking a community-centric approach and understand that when it comes to keeping our nation healthy, we're in this together."
- John Dionisio, Chief Information Officer, SOMOS Community Care

"We are extremely pleased with the timely and expert support we received from the Garage on completing our GPRO reporting well in advance (48 days early!)"
- Lissa C. Lara, CEO, Freedom Healthcare Alliance

"The Garage’s platform has everything we need as a physician-led IPA to transform and be prepared for the future of value based care. From patient data to quality gaps to financial performance management, we now have one system to access and manage all the critical information our providers need."
- Dr. Erfan Albakri, President of Florida Physicians Alliance

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