If you’ve ever seen Formula 1 racing, you know that every driver is backed by fast-paced technicians and their race team manager. He’s managing race strategy, making adjustments and ensuring everything is firing on all cylinders... so when the flag drops, it’s ready to go.

That’s how our team operates. At every mile-marker, our people are engaged, focused and examining every detail. It’s not our first lap around the track, so we know the turns, the speed bumps and potential roadblocks to look out for.

Our team’s focused on the finish line, but it all starts in the Garage.

Pranam Ben

Founder / CEO: The Chief

Pranam has always been an innovator. Over the course of his 18+ year career, Pranam has found much success in the Healthcare Informatics world and The Garage has been no different. Pranam has been behind the vision, design and architecture of cutting edge, award winning software products while being directly responsible for running businesses for large corporations. A problem solver by nature, The Garage has allowed Pranam to develop solutions to resolve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Jessica Robinson

Chief Platform Officer

Jessica joined The Garage shortly after its inception and quickly climbed the ranks to her current role of Chief Platform Officer. She has worn many hats in her career as teacher, researcher, solutions designer, writer, project manager, healthcare professional and strategist. In her current role, she infuses her own brand of creative thinking, innovative problem solving and entrepreneurial approach to lead a team of innovators that navigate the most complex challenges in Value based Healthcare.

Milan Raich

VP of Business Development: The Diplomat

Hailing from The Windy City, Milan recently joined The Garage Crew as the Vice President of Business Development. Milan’s interest in Healthcare dates back to his college days where he obtained his Master’s in Health System Management from Rush University. Not many people have the diverse background that Milan does – being able to understand the ins and outs of healthcare entities has attributed to much of Milan’s success.

Dani Brennan

VP, Clinical Services: The Cheerleader

Dani’s passion for serving others is what led her to join The Garage as our Vice President of Customer Success. Dani brings a depth of understanding of the ACO world that is second to none. In her previous role, she served as the Vice President of ACO Administration of one of the largest Managed Healthcare Companies in Texas. She is passionate about leading her team to strategically focus on the big picture and demonstrate how their specific efforts contribute to a better quality of healthcare for the individual and overall community.