Top 10 Reasons to Ignite

24 x 7 access to your patients and deliver timely, preventive care
Increase reimbursements and profitability. For e.g. A family practice that sees 4000 unique patients can hope to generate an additional $350,000 in annual revenue by using Medicare’s CCM program.
A comprehensive care plan library that allows for real time and personalized care plans to be managed via tele health.
Monthly reports and all other required documentation available real time.
Anytime, Anywhere, Any device access – PCs, Smart phones and tablets.
HIPAA compliant and SaaS enabled.
Certified technology that integrates seamlessly with your existing EMR system and accelerates Meaningful use compliance
Remote vitals monitoring with wearable devices integration.
Full integration with Bridge allowing for comprehensive and meaningful population health management.
Be compatible with upcoming guidelines for Value Based Reimbursements (VBR)