Data in.
Intelligence Out

What is ROOT?

ROOT is our proprietary machine learning technology to empower powerful cloud based analytics, which is now part of all our products. Our algorithms use all facets of the patient data to run historical, current and predictive models that continuously learn in order to forecast behaviors, patterns, outcomes and trends.

Our objective is to make CINs smarter and more intelligent. For example, when an ACO looks at its claims data, ROOT helps better understand the data by providing ROOT tips which are critical insights that help users better understand and analyze their data. Another example is when a primary care physicians processes referrals, ROOT compares the transaction to past referrals in the database and helps prevent duplication and unnecessary tests. The key design criteria for ROOT is to understand, normalize, prepare and present intelligence in context. ROOT uses four key elements to empower next generation analytics – 1) Systems – Different systems integrated to create a longitudinal view of the patient record 2) Cloud – Uses cloud infrastructure to normalize, scale and translate complex data 3) Data – Prepare data across multiple contexts and 4) Insights – Generate new clinical and operational insights across the platform to create smart and intelligent CINs

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