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The best place to get started with a new endeavor is the beginning! Access this training to understand how to login to HealthyImpact 360, how to view your profile settings, and how to access the Help & Support app to manage accounts, see our FAQ, and questions.

Clinical Overview – Blazeboard, Members, PHP

Access this video to get a high level review of how the HealthyImpact 360 platform can assist in a user’s clinical workflow. We will point out applications that clinical information is accessible, how it can be utilized, and where it comes from to be presented within the HealthyImpact 360 platform.

Analytical Overview – Insights, Scorecard, Members

Access this video to get a high level review of how the HealthyImpact 360 platform can assist in a user’s analytical workflow. We will point out applications that would be helpful for a provider all the way up to an administrator in seeing key performance metrics, membership details, high cost patient information, and much more. This video is a great place to start if a user is trying to learn more about their current performance and actionable items to perform better within the ACO.

EMR Integration Process Overview

Access this video to understand how the HealthyImpact 360 platform is utilizing each practice’s EMR integration to provide a more holistic view of a patient. EMR integration is focused on creating a full clinical and financial picture of a provider’s patient across the continuum, and we will review how that information is accessed via an EMR, what information is accessed, and how it is updated on a continuous basis.


Access this video to get a better understanding of how to create new users or disable users that no longer need access to HealthyImpact 360. This training also touches on how to change a user’s password and how to unlock an account if necessary.

HI360 Help/Support Request Form

This two-page document includes guidance to resolve common issues and a form to request help from the HI 360 Support team.
If you cannot resolve your issue, please complete page 2 of the form. Complete all applicable fields including the Priority Ranking which describes the severity of the issue.
Please email the completed form to SM_CHS_HI360_Support@wellcare.com.
Your request will be reviewed and assigned for resolution.

HI360 Ignite Training

Access this video to get an overview of the Healthy Impact 360 Ignite Telehealth Platform. We will review how to access and use the platform, as well as review functionality of the system from both the Provider and Patient perspectives. Helpful tips on supported/recommended devices and web browsers is also covered.

Measure Deep Dive Series

Access this PDF to get an overview of each of the PY 2020 Quality Measures. This PDF document provides information on the clinical detail and intent of the measures, as well as useful tips and lessons learned from prior reporting periods.

BlazeBoard 2020

The Blazeboard application is the core dashboard where users land upon entry into HealthyImpact 360. It offers an overview of the user’s populations, including a prioritized list of patients who should be contacted as well as graphic summaries of key performance indicators.

BlazeSpeaks 2020

This browser extension pulls key information about the selected patient from HealthyImpact 360 at a provider’s fingertips during patient encounters. It is most robust in conjunction with browser-based electronic medical records systems (EMR) but is useful with any EMR.

Members 2020

Learn how to use the Members application to view a snapshot of the total population’s utilization, highlighting metrics such as ER, Inpatient Admissions, and Skilled Nursing per 1,000 member months.

PHP 2020

The Patient Health Profile (PHP) is a comprehensive personal health record used for Case Management. Learn how to use the application to display patient specific health histories, recent admissions, ER visits, and total patient costs.

TCM 2020

See an overview of the transitional care management (TCM) application. Learn how to view and use details and statuses for appropriate patients and populations to facilitate care coordination for patients experiencing a transition in care settings.


The DeRisk application enables providers to monitor, track, and improve performance on submission of diagnosis codes that drive patient risk scores. These scores are important to understanding the patient acuity and ensure that it is properly reflected in the benchmarks for value-based care programs.

HI360 Application Overviews

The HI360 Application Overview summarizes the functionality of core applications (modules) of the HealthyImpact 360 population health platform.