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Cliff Frank
"The Garage will give us a view to both where we have been, and where and how we might adjust our course, financially, clinically, and administratively through better referral choices, different site of care possibilities, and different clinical paths available to physicians and patients."
Cliff Frank,
Executive Director,
Shore Quality Partners
Ramon Tallaj
"We look forward to a long partnership with The Garage and believe the platform will help bridge the gap between our providers and our patients."
Dr. Ramon Tallaj,
Chairman of the Board of
SOMOS Community Care

Storylines that made a difference...

somos logo

SOMOS' Innovator Program, designed by NYS DOH, is intended to chart the path into the full risk VBP with requirement of SOMOS outlining and implementing SDOH programs with Community Based Organizations for ~80,000 lives. The necessity to identify patients, track referrals, status of interventions, success of case outcomes, and ultimate impact on utilization, cost, and quality required a central technological solution that can bring multiple parties together. A manual spreadsheet & email to communicate process was replaced with a custom referral intake took and smart forms in Bridge's GRID application for Housing and Food Security/Access Interventions. Since launch, more than 800 referrals have been processed through GRID with 341 Food Cases closed and 427 Housing Cases closed.