Your commitment to caring for the underserved in your community makes success in value-based care critical. Your impact depends on empowered providers, engaged patients, operational agility, and embedded tools that enable action on real-time insights. Ensure your VBC contracts are reimbursed based on accurate risk scores using Bridge's embedded De-Risk application. Bridge puts claims insights, referrals, care management, comprehensive secure communication, and patient outreach in reach whether you're in the back office or at the point of care.

The Garage is a innovative company. When we want to try something new, their usual response is 'anything is possible; let's work it out together'. They listen to what our organization truly needs and take it on to help us succeed. We recently asked them to think about how we can get substance abuse detox admissions into our warehouse and then send out an alert to their primary care providers, which Garage is already working on implementing. The entire team's responsiveness to our requests and questions shows how much they truly value our partnership and their expertise in the value based care industry is apparent.

Dr. John Gillespie,
Retired CMO,
Finger Lakes IPA

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