#LetsBeIntentional - The Garage and its Partners are Intentional in everything they do at FUSE 2023.

The Garage celebrated 11 years at FUSE 2023 in Nashville, TN, alongside partners and healthcare heroes. Held at the iconic Bridge Building - a historic downtown riverfront landmark, the venue was intentionally chosen due to its alignment with The Garage's population health management platform, Bridge, making it an obvious choice. FUSE 2023 had over 60 in-person attendees and 1,000 virtual attendees who learned about The Garage's latest innovations, partnerships, and customized solutions that revolutionize organizations. Bridge's platform encompasses 100+ entities across 34 states, with over 19,000 providers, 15M+ patients, and 3 petabytes of data, delivering at scale.

Founder and CEO Pranam Ben's keynote featured industry leaders and guest speaker Unstoppable Tracy, a quadruple amputee who shared her story of overcoming adversity. Her remarkable achievements including triumphing as a Golf World Cup Sailor, conquering the Himalayan Mountains, captaining a 110-foot ship, and winning a bronze medal in paraskiing. Aric Coffman, M.D., CEO of Honest Medical Group, discussed the gap between primary care realities and the Quintuple AIM, emphasizing the need for collaboration. Himadri Sarkar, EVP and Global Head of Consulting at Teleperformance, highlighted the transformative potential of a value-based care model. Alissa Farrier, Vice President at Labcorp, emphasized Labcorp's partnership with The Garage and the prioritization of Bridge with its partners. Joe Palughi, Vice President of Community Health at Labcorp, praised The Garage's customer-centric approach and dedication to innovation in meeting the needs of FQHCs.

A Glimpse into the Future - Introducing New Bridge Technologies

The Garage's Transformative Impact on Communities - Embracing the "All In" Approach

Creating Impactful Solutions for our Partners - Partner Storylines and How The Garage has made a Difference

Ben's Den LIVE at FUSE 2023! A Bottom-Up Approach to Bringing Private and Public Sectors Together to Drive More Value-Based Care featuring Adam Boehler

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