• A content rich, culturally sensitive patient experience app available on both android and iOS platforms
  • Fun, Meaningful and Rewarding
  • A suite of features that connects the patient with their Care team regardless of where they are - home, on the go, or at the point of service
  • Core VBC philosophy with patient-centric community care models
  • The patient owns the data and is the ultimate "beneficiary"
  • High consumer demand for real-time access and the ideal digital experience
  • Patient non-adherence is a significant factor leading to billions of dollars wasted in unnecessary care and duplicative services
  • Centralized data + Decentralized intelligence + ubiquitous patient-centered experiences = Infinite Population Health Management
  • A 360-degree approach to patient experience management - At home, on the go, or at POS
  • Easy access and setup
  • Rewards-based and incentives driven engagement
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