You're managing multiple payer contracts while coordinating independent clinical practices on disparate platforms. Your VBC impact depends on accurate, timely, and normalized data with the toolchain you need to transform it into action. The Bridge platform offers advanced claims analytics, embedded network and referral management, a comprehensive care management suite, an EMR agnostic patient engagement app, and connected communications tools to keep your patients, providers, and care team aligned on outcomes that make value-based care work for everyone. Even better, you can toggle between practices and payer contracts so that your actions are targeted on information and insights that are the most relevant.

The development of this innovative collaborative approach to managing social determinant health interventions has resulted in SOMOS Innovation ability to respond to the requirement of the contracted plans and the NYS Department of Health. This collaboration has simplified the process and has allowed us to meet the needs of those most in need for interventions on food and housing insecurity.

Vivian Torres Suarez,
Vice President,
Clinical Quality SOMOS IPA

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