The Word Out there...

"Communicator leverages the most common method of communication, text messages, which allows FLIPA to reach large numbers of our patients efficiently. Centralizing this work within the Communicator application means that FLIPA is able to oversee this campaign, allowing our member organizations more time for patient care."
Dr. Briannon O'Connor,
Chief Clinical Officer, Forward Leading IPA

"Communicator leverages the most common method of communication, text messages, which allows FLIPA..."

- Dr. Briannon O'Connor,
Chief Clinical Officer, Forward Leading IPA

"Remote patient monitoring gives providers the opportunity to have a more complete view of how a patient's vitals ..."

- Michelle Galligan,
Nurse Practitioner, Middletown Medical on Sync

"I'm happy to hear from you about my elevated blood pressure. I feel perfectly fine, ..."

- Undisclosed Patient on Sync

"We're thrilled to collaborate with The Garage to bring the breadth and depth of our Qualified ..."

- Steve Yaskin,
Co-Founder & CEO, Health Gorilla

"The Garage Portal allows us to manage our Medicare population and transform value-based care ..."

- Keyla Acevedo,
ACO Director of Operations at Votion

"I Appreciate the Containers format and it helps to make my work concise ..."

- Mary Alfieri
Provider Consultant at Votion

"This technology has helped me communicate with patients that work and may not get ..."

- Jacqueline Slayton,
Finger Lakes Community Health

"I firmly believe that The Garage is the best analytics partner for Labcorp ..."

- Bill Haas,
Senior Vice President, Northeastern US and Canada

"As we look to the future, we need the capabilities that The Garage brings to manage our members' total cost of care ..."

- John Lutz,
Executive Vice President, Integrated Delivery System

"The Garage has a way of helping us harness all our lab data and make it usable and actionable ..."

- Brian Buesing,
Physician Systems and Value-based Care

"With the ability to analyze our leakage, we will have the ability to help manage our network costs ..."

- Robert Shea Wisler,
Director of Population Health and Analytics
Shore Quality Partners

"We have massive amounts of lab data. At Labcorp, we cover half of the people in the US. It's like 5,000 different diagnostic tests, ..."

- Dr. Robert Schmidt,
Medical Director for Health Systems and Head of Population Analytics

"Value-based care is a transformative change for our Industry. Our continued partnership with ..."

- Joe Taylor,
Executive Director
Community Care Collaborative of PA & NJ

"The Garage has been an exceptional partner and is completely engaged with our organization and my team, ..."

- Joe Palughi,
Vice President of Community Health

"For Labcorp, we have had some analytics partners prior to The Garage. When we saw that vision ..."

- Alissa Farrier,
Vice President, Managing Executive

"The entire Garage team has been a joy to work with to co-develop our robust Pop Health-Care Management system ..."

- Mary Lou Moewe,
Technical Program Manager
Honest Medical Group

"We have had a fantastic partnership with The Garage over the last few years. Together, we have been able to provide ..."

- Mike Laign,
Redeemer Health

"It was great to be able to "visit" the doctor's office with a sick kid so seamlessly! ..."

- Unnamed Patient,
Finger Lakes Community Health Center

"We are excited to partner with the Garage. We needed a solution that would help us better serve our patients ..."

- Mari Millet,
President and CEO
Morris Heights Health Center

"The Garage's platform, Bridge, has empowered our success in risk-based care across all payers ..."

- Dr. Rajan Gulati,
Founder and President
Middletown Medical

"Garage has been pivotal in building our data warehouse which feeds our supplemental data processes ..."

- Farid Jilani,
Optimus Health Analytics

"We have only been utilizing the Garage since the beginning of this year, but we have already seen the tremendous ..."

- Robert Shea Wisler,
Director of Population Health and Analytics
Shore Quality Partners

"My experience with Garage's Ignite telehealth service is wonderful! It helped us to connect with my patients..."

- Dr. Prasuna Nukalapati,
Prasuna R. Nukalapati MD

"Bridge has done a great job at helping us streamline our transitional care management process..."

- K.C. Hill,
Quality Director & Operations,
Quality Healthcare Development and Liberty Doctors, LLC

"SQP switched over to the Garage in December of 2021 and we have had a fantastic experience so far..."

- Robert Shea Wisler,
Director of Population Health and Analytics,
Shore Quality Partners

"The development of this innovative collaborative approach to managing social determinant health interventions..."

- Vivian Torres Suarez,
Vice President, Clinical Quality SOMOS IPA

"The Garage is not only successfully guiding our providers to address quality measures..."

- Jeffrey Hirsch,
Vice President, Middletown Medical

"The Garage will give us a view to both where we have been, and where and how we might adjust our course,..."

- Cliff Frank,
Executive Director, Shore Quality Partners

"Our mission is to put the care back into healthcare and our partnership with the Garage..."

- Seema Khanna,
Primary Medical Associates

"In 2021, Heartland Health ACO set out to increase our AWVs with the use of The Garage's application..."

- Jean Brodowski,
President & COO, Medlink Advantage

"The Garage improved my care gaps workflow by simplifying input and providing a member view that makes..."

- Catera Davall,
Team Lead, HCDI

"The Garage has been instrumental in our coordination of care for our hospital discharges..."

- Andrea Cauthen,
CMA, CCMA, Director, Select Physicians Associates, LLC, Five Star ACO, LLC

"Knowing more and knowing early about the patients is key to success in HCC-MRA Coding..."

- Arvind Chikile,
Vice President,
Quality and Risk Management, Select Physicians Associates, LLC, Five Star ACO, LLC

"The Communicator has contributed to improving the non-user engagement and helping us in achieving our goal..."

- Shelarina Buntley,
Clinical Improvement Specialist,
Jordan Health FQHC

"Not only is the Bridge platform best-in-class but the Garage also has the right mix of experience..."

- Jeramey Ward,
Director of Data & Analytics: Value Based Analytics, HCA Healthcare

"We selected the Garage's Bridge platform as the population health IT solution for HCA's Florida Care Partners statewide..."

- Jennifer Mason,
Director of Finance & Analytics, Florida Care Partners

"Garage and the Garage Team are the best in the business! Customer service consistently exceeds expectations,..."

- Marguerite Tuthill,
Director, Value-based Contracting & Data, Community Care Alliance

"I am really enjoying the workflow provided via the Garage to work ADT notifications much better than my previous workflow..."

- Karen Sanderson,
Care Manager,
Complete Health

"The Bridge has made the collection and interpretation of patient data easy,..."

- Melissa Rodriguez,
LPN, ACO Nurse Care Coordinator, Quality Healthcare Development & Liberty Doctors, LLC

"The Garage is a innovative company. When we want to try something new, their usual response..."

- Dr. John Gillespie,
CMO, Finger Lakes IPA

"I wanted to thank each of you and other members of your team for the fast turnaround..."

- Darcy L Shepard,
Chief Executive Officer, Middletown Medical, NY

"In my own personal effort to focus less on the computer, and more on the patient,..."

- Dr. Jonathan Weiss,
Middletown Medical, NY

"My sincerest thanks to the Garage team for standing this platform up in a very short period of time..."

- John Dionisio,
Chief Information Officer,
SOMOS Community Care

"This is the second year that we have partnered with the Garage to meet our reporting..."

- Nancy Scroggs,
MSN, RN, CNL, Director of Care Management, Medlink Advantage

"Every crew needs a navigator and The Garage has been a fantastic way finder for us..."

- Sharma Vaughn,
Executive Director,
Community Care Alliance

"We have been impressed with the flexibility and extensibility of the Bridge platform..."

- Lissa Lara,
CEO, Freedom Healthcare Alliance

"The Garage has a comprehensive toolset that we can leverage to address..."

- Mark Hansen,
CEO, Santé

"With the patient at the forefront, we sought a proven solution that enables..."

- Joe Taylor,
Executive Director, Community Care Collaborative

"My experience with Telehealth has been wonderful, the image and the sound..."

- Victor Bulnes,

"I am personally very excited about everything your platform is going to bring..."

- April Johnson,
Quality Practive Advisor Associate, Collaborative Health Systems, A Wellcare Company

"I absolutely love it !. I have used a couple of different platforms..."

- Johanna D,
Quality Practice Advisor, Collaborative Health Systems, A Wellcare Company

"Telehealth has been a positive addition to our practice during these challenging times..."

- Cheng Gonjon M.D.,
Imperial Medical PC

"As we all struggle together in addressing this virus, we're grateful to companies like The Garage..."

- John Dionisio,
Chief Information Officer, SOMOS Community Care

"We are extremely pleased with the timely and expert support we received..."

- Lissa C. Lara,
CEO, Freedom Healthcare Alliance

"The Garage's platform has everything we need as a physician-led IPA to transform and be prepared..."

- Dr. Erfan Albakri,
President of Florida Physicians Alliance

"The Garage's platform has a unique ability to help our providers focus on those patients..."

- Dr Bellavia,
Chairman and Founder, Osler Health

"Garage's ability to go over and beyond is refreshing. For example, they conceived an algorithm..."

- Meghann Hardesty,
Executive Director, CBHCare IPA

"The work that the Garage has done with the PHCA and TBHA care coordination team to streamline..."

- Rich Ferrelli,
Board Member, Tampa Bay Health Alliance & Pediatric Healthcare Alliance

"The Garage CCM program has empowered patients to be active participants in healthcare..."

- Dr Fayyad,
Prime IPA

"The physicians we serve as an ACO are our customers and the Garage's platform..."

- Pawan Shah,
COO, Select Physicians Associates

"The Community Care Alliance is thrilled to be partnering with The Garage..."

- Connie Mack,
MA, Executive Director, Community Care Alliance

"The Garage team is very knowledgeable and responsive..."

- Darcy L. Shepard,
Chief Executive Officer, Middletown Medical, PC

"What the Garage does is magical..."

- Dr Phil Frost,
Chairman & CEO, Opko Health

"We look forward to a long partnership with The Garage and believe..."

- Dr. Ramon Tallaj,
Chairman of the Board of SOMOS Community Care

"I want to express my thanks to you and your team on the implementation of The Garage..."

- David Wagner,
MHCM, Chief Compliance Officer, Genuine Health Group

"Our entire team is pleased with what we have seen so far and we look forward..."

- Anne Kauffman Nolon,
MPH, CEO, Hudson River Healthcare

"Throughout our search for a technology partner, we were consistently impressed with The Garage..."

- Dr. Don Klitgaard,
CEO and Chief Medical Officer, MedLink Advantage

"The Garage not only met all our threshold criteria but exceeded our expectations..."

- Dr. Alex Foxman,
President and Chief Medical Officer, National ACO

"We selected to partner with The Garage because of the versatility of their platform..."

- Dr. Nazmul Haque,
Founder and CEO, Reliance ACO

"We want to empower wise and secure use of patient data that leads to better health,..."

- Gregory S. Henderson,
MD, PHD, President, BioReference Laboratories

"With this customizable platform, organizations can deliver a variety of health information..."

- Asif Ahmed,
CEO, Anthelio Health

"We looked at more than 40 different platforms before we finalized on Bridge and the Garage..."

- Diane Blackburn,
Executive Director, Prime ACO in Michigan

"Bridge has a unique way of integrating and making sense of actionable data from multiple sources..."

- Steve Christoff,
Executive Director of Select Physicians ACO in Florida

"We have been able to integrate multiple ACOs on Bridge in rapid time. The scale and breadth of the platform..."

- Dr Jay Chowdappa,
CEO, NEXT healthcare solutions in New Port Richey, Florida

"The Garage's ability to analyze data from multiple sources and provide valuable insights is a unique differentiator..."

- Dr Greg Naman,
President of Nuwell Medical Network in Detroit, Michigan

"Bridge allows us to manage our at risk population on demand by exception..."

- Randy Cook,
CEO of Ampliphy physician services in Franklin, Tennessee

"Bridge delivers real time analytics, on demand. The platform is extremely customizable..."

- Seema Khanna,
COO, Premier Medical Associates

"One challenge with our technology needs is that we have several programs that we run for our Physician groups..."

- Sid Morgan,

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased everyone is with the Engage Product. The administrative team..."

- Maggie Ratliff,
CIO & Sr Vp, Sarah Bush Lincoln Medical Center

"I want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your team provided to us..."

- Cindy Robinson,
CEO, Family Health Solutions

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