Innovation Model

At the Garage, innovation is in our DNA. We focus that energy using our proprietary Airport Model for Innovation. The Airport was designed in response to requests from our early CIN and ACO partners who wanted to better understand the entire landscape of value-based care. Depicting the complex journey to value-based care as an airport organizes the key components of a successful VBC organization into terminals, concourses, and gates. The model serves as a roadmap for our partners and the Garage crew as we work together to change healthcare for good.

Explore the Airport with us, and if you find something you'd like to know more about, or see something missing, give us a call and let's build it together!


The Main Terminal -
Value-Based Care

The main terminal is the hub of any VBC organization, where all information, data, and security is managed and routed to where it needs to go.


Population Management Terminal

Operational Management, Financial Management, and the nearby Provider Engagement concourses house gates which are critical to a successful population health program.


Reporting and Analytics Terminal

Clinical Metrics and Quality Metrics concourses house gates which provide critical insights for your operations and communicate measures in compliance with your value-based payment contracts.


Patient Engagement Terminal

The Mobile Engagement and Tele-medicine concourses provide connection points with patients to ensure they remain the heart of the care team.


Care Coordination Terminal

The Health Information Exchange, Care Transitions, and Care Interventions concourses house gates that connect the patient efficiently to the right care at the right time

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