Hospitals/Health Systems

Your hospital and health system are encouraged to enhance care quality, efficiency, and patient experience in the emerging market of value-based care programs. Achieving success in this dynamic landscape requires actionable insights relevant to the rapidly changing patient population, ranging from improved performance transparency for clinicians to evidence-based care management programs. The Bridge platform offers a suite of adaptable applications, enabling healthcare systems to collaborate with community providers to implement a value-based care strategy in various dynamic care settings. By incorporating patient data from external organizations into Bridge's embedded network management, your health system can establish end-to-end solutions that manage patients through convenient alternatives to office visits using synchronous and asynchronous touchpoints. Such collaboration with primary care providers via the Bridge platform empowers you to utilize the services best served across your network.

Value-based care is a transformative change for our Industry. Our continued partnership with the Garage allows us to deploy technology that reduces the friction in coordinating care and benefits our patients and communities.

Joe Taylor,
Executive Director of Community Care Collaborative of PA/NJ

We have had a fantastic partnership with the Garage over the last few years. Together, we have been able to provide better care for our patients and generate savings in our ACO and other value-based contracts.

Mike Laign,
CEO of Redeemer Health in PA

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