ACOs Partnered with The Garage Deliver $164 Million in Total Savings to Medicare in 2019

The Garage deepens its commitment to value-based care on the tailwinds of the 2019 performance

The Garage, an advanced population health management technology company, announced today that 80% of the ACOs that have partnered with them generated $164 million in total savings to Medicare in 2019, according to figures released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

With an average quality score of 95%, the ACOs that demonstrated savings served more than 270,000 Medicare beneficiaries across 14 different states.

"The Garage has empowered our ACOs," said Pawan Shah, COO of Select Physicians Associates and Five Star ACO. "The tools and insights in the platform helped our care teams take timely decisions that has resulted in a superlative performance in 2019 and to put it bluntly, it was part of our core strategy. The platform is indispensable for our providers and continues to drive our growth strategy as we expand our membership in the coming years."

ACOs are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other providers who come together to take accountability for the cost and quality of patients. They earn the right to share with Medicare savings generated if certain spending and quality metrics are met. The Program has different tracks for the ACOs to choose from.

"We have generated savings three years in a row now because of the Garage," said Diane Blackburn, Executive Director of Prime ACO. "They continue to support us as a trusted partner and we look forward to more wins ahead."

The Garage has been working with ACOs since its inception in 2012. The platform, Bridge, is the leading Population Health Management system for Value-based care that aggregates data across multiple sources to generate intelligence for its applications covering Advanced Analytics, Care Co-ordination and Management, Patient Engagement, Risk and Performance Management, Utilization Management, Revenue Optimization and many more.

"We are humbled and inspired by the high performance from our ACO partners in 2019," said Pranam Ben, CEO at The Garage. "All these organizations have committed to serve their patients with affordable care they rightly deserve, especially during these times and we look forward to scaling new heights with them in 2020 and beyond."

About The Garage

The Garage, based in Orlando, Fla., is a healthcare IT company exclusively focused on population health management. The company works with more than 100 Healthcare Organizations and over 17,000 providers. Through its collaborative population health management platform, the Bridge, The Garage touches more than 14 million patient lives, allowing providers to achieve the Triple Aim of lower cost, better care and improved health. For more information, visit

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