Immediate Access to Telehealth Platform Helps Healthcare Providers During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Garage will provide immediate access to Ignite telehealth app for ACOs, FQHCs and other health organizations across its customer base

In the wake of widespread impacts from COVID-19 (coronavirus), many healthcare organizations are struggling to effectively communicate with and provide ongoing treatment for their patients. The Garage is offering immediate availability of its HIPAA-compliant telehealth application to current risk-bearing healthcare organization partners in efforts to help overcome communication and disruption of care challenges during this time.

As social distancing requirements impact patient travel and availability, and office visits become less available, ACOs and other healthcare organizations are struggling to best communicate with and treat patients, specifically those with chronic illnesses, comorbidities or other factors, such as age, which make them more susceptible to the virus, as well as other healthcare complications. For these organizations caring for vulnerable populations, there is a substantial need for a face-to-face human connection to ensure that patients have the right care.

Due to social distancing and concerns about spreading and contracting the virus, states across the U.S. are establishing reimbursement criteria for telephonic communication services, while more organizations are moving to or seeing increased demand for telehealth solutions. In an effort to alleviate concerns and assist with patient care in the face of these changes, The Garage team has designed a workflow that allows providers to stand up their Ignite telehealth application with an implementation of just 2-3 days.

"While COVID-19 is impacting healthcare access across the board, it adds another layer of intricacy to patient populations that already experience challenges with accessing care or are struggling with chronic illness that requires regular interactions with their care team," said John Dionisio, Chief Information Officer at SOMOS Community Care. "As we all struggle together in addressing this virus, we’re grateful to companies like The Garage who are taking a community-centric approach and understand that when it comes to keeping our nation healthy, we're in this together."

Ignite is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth app, compatible with text, audio and video. It can help organizations focus on key care areas that are main concerns for patients and healthcare organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including support for COVID-19, chronic care management, consultations, general healthcare follow-ups, medication adherence and care coordination.

"When it comes down to it, we have to put the patient at the center and work together during these uncertain times," said Pranam Ben, CEO at The Garage. "That's why so many rapid changes are occurring to accommodate telehealth at the provider, state and national level. However, while we must act quickly, we should also ensure patients and their data are protected in the long-term. The recent developments of COVID-19 have escalated our mission even further as we do our part in what we feel is morally right by our customers, ensuring that they have the solutions they need in a safe, secure environment that will protect them now, and set them up for success in the future, as well."

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