Meet The Garage: A developing health care tech with Xbox Kinect (Video)

Pranam Ben, CEO of The Garage, talks about products coming to HIMSS, including one using Xbox Kinect

Orlando, FL (Jan 3, 2014) - The Garage, a health care IT company in Orlando, is taking two products to the largest health care IT conference in the world.

Pranam Ben, founder and CEO of The Garage, said the company will debut two of its products at HIMSS, the Healthcare Information and Management Society's annual conference, which will be in Orlando from Feb. 23-Feb. 27. Those products are

Air, a hands-free data interaction tool for use in the operating room, built off of the Microsoft Kinect. Air is designed to prevent wrong-side, wrong-site surgeries and audit equipment before and after surgeries, and is being used by two surgical centers in Florida. Ben said his firm hopes to sign a larger agreement before the conference.

Engage, a mobile application for patients to use while waiting at a doctor's office appointment. It has offline communication with health care practices, offers a forum for providers to push educational materials to their populations, entertains patients with videos, magazines, games and social widgets, and increases overall patient satisfaction, the company said.

Ben said The Garage - officially Garage Solutions LLC doing business as The Garage - has eight full-time employees, two remote employees and 30 employees in India. The company wants to double its space from 2,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet and double its workforce in the next year.

The company is privately funded and gets most of its revenue working with accountable care organizations, hooking them into health information exchanges, for example.

"If you look at the different segments we've focused on - patient safety, patent engagement, care management - these are the trends in the industry today that are really bringing in true reform at the ground level," Ben said. "We are looking at the niche opportunities giving us the biggest bang for the buck."

Ben has operated other health care companies before - Ben's product Preferr was acquired by NIIT Technologies for an undisclosed amount - but said The Garage is not designed to follow the build-a-product-and-exit strategy.

"My vision for The Garage is different," Ben said. "With The Garage, I want us to be a neverending cycle for innovation and entrepreneurship."

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