The Garage Announces General Release of Latest Version of Bridge amidst 200% Increase in Adoption

Version 5.2.0 will introduce the Industry to the first 'Multi-Program Switch' for dynamic risk and performance management across unlimited data, users and contracts

The Garage, an advanced population health management technology company, announced general availability of the latest version of its core platform, Bridge, which introduces all users to a very unique, dynamic configurator, the multi-program switch, that empowers users to switch views, patient cohorts and provider networks on demand, regardless of the application in-use.

"With 5.2.0, we want to give our users a game-changing experience," said Jessica Robinson, Chief Platform Officer of the Garage. "It integrates and unifies data at-scale while keeping the usability and intuitiveness of the platform intact. To retain what our users love while providing a whole new dimension was a big challenge."

In addition to the multi-program switch, other key upgrades with 5.2.0 include Clique, a one-stop provider network management tool, integration of more smart forms into the integrated care management app, Grid and additional features for Risk management, Campaign Management, Compliance Control, Data Security and In-Platform Support. The engine behind the upgrade is a new data engine called "Genome" that aggregates, normalizes and prepares data across all sources.

"We have been impressed with the flexibility and extensibility of the Bridge platform," said Lissa Lara, CEO of Freedom Healthcare Alliance in South Carolina. "With 5.2.0, we look forward to a new version that promises to build on the great experience we have had to-date."

The Garage secured landmark partnerships and expanded its footprint across the country in 2020. The highlight of the year was a staggering performance by its ACO customers who generated more than $164 million in total gross savings to Medicare. The year also marked the Garage's foray into new solution areas such as Aging in-place and a new population health management model in partnership with Healthix, the nation's largest Health Information Exchange.

"With the onset of COVID-19 earlier this year we had to step up for our customers," said Alex Choquette, Customer Success Officer at the Garage. "We were faced with an unprecedented demand for our tools, especially our telehealth app, Ignite, and witnessed a 200% increase in adoption across the board. With 5.2.0, we are excited to further elevate our support to all our customers and the communities they serve."

About The Garage

The Garage, based in Orlando, Fla., is a healthcare IT company exclusively focused on Population health management. The company works with more than 118 Healthcare Organizations and over 18,000 providers, empowering them with a platform to create a more integrated, value-centered and patient-focused care experience. Through its collaborative population health management platform, Bridge, The Garage touches more than 14 million patient lives, allowing providers to achieve the Quadruple AIM of lower cost, better care, improved health and improving the work life of health care providers, including clinicians and staff. For more information, visit

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