The Garage Enters into Strategic Partnership with PayrHealth

Addition of Contract Modeling and Management Solution to Empower Better Partnerships Between Payers and Providers

ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 28, 2021) - Advanced population health management technology company, The Garage, today announced it has joined forces with PayrHealth to add contract management and modeling solutions that help to close the communications and information-sharing gap between payers and healthcare providers.

To achieve better health outcomes, lower costs and healthier populations, today's physicians are increasingly adopting value-based payment models, which reward physicians based on the quality and efficiency of care delivered.

Through this strategic partnership, PayrHealth will bring its unique expertise in network development, contract modeling and contract analytics to assist The Garage with augmenting its population health management platform, Bridge, expanding functionality to better empower both payers and providers in the intelligent administration and provision of value-based care (VBC). This partnership will help providers ensure that as they enter value-based contracts with payers, they have a clear picture of what will be required to be successful with their unique patient population. In addition, the application and insights will help payers develop the best network of high-quality providers, develop more equitable contracts which reward providers for quality, appropriate cost control, and patient-centered care coordination services.

The pandemic continues to bring to light the urgent need for a change in healthcare and VBC has become the answer to many issues facing physicians, payers and communities at-large. The evolution of technology and its role in healthcare is a top priority for The Garage as it remains intently focused on implementing VBC strategies with the 18,000 providers it serves across more than 30 states.

"PayrHealth's thought leadership in complex contract modeling coupled with our decade of experience in value-based care is uniquely positioning us to empower partnerships between payers and providers that can change healthcare for good," said Pranam Ben, CEO at The Garage. "Working together and sharing expertise and experience with companies like PayrHealth is the crux of realizing a real change within our healthcare system."

PayrHealth is an all-in-one payer relationship management solution that supports healthcare providers with expertise, data and proactive practice management. Having negotiated 50,000 contracts across all 50 states, the company serves to safeguard independent provider revenue streams and ensures patient care is never diluted due to level of access - leveling the playing field between providers and payers.

"We are excited to form an alliance with an innovative and mission-driven company like The Garage," said Armando Cardoso, CEO of PayrHealth. "The technological application and insights provided will allow payers to develop the very best network of high-quality providers and properly reward them for care centered services."

PayrHealth and The Garage plan to begin offering the new services in Q1 of 2022.

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