How the Quintuple Aim and a Digital-first, Data-first, Platform-Based, Human-Centric Architecture will Shape the Future of Healthcare

By Jessica Robinson, Chief Platform Officer

With the pandemic bringing ongoing healthcare issues to the forefront, solutions beyond traditional healthcare processes have been encouraged to fight these hardships head-on and solve for health equity, which is the only way healthcare can be truly transformed. The 'Quintuple Aim' is the North Star framework that is imperative for the survival of and advancement of healthcare. To successfully implement the Quintuple Aim, a multi-dimensional population health management strategy that adopts a digital-first, data-first, platform-based, human-centric approach will not only empower the Quintuple Aim but also drive continuous process improvement, integrate value-based care with traditional fee-for-service models, offer comprehensive integration with anytime, anywhere access, and shape the future of healthcare with more personalized care.

Our View of the Connected Community Care Ecosystem of the Future

Connected Community Care Ecosystem

Leveraging a cloud-based, mobile-enabled population health management platform that aggregates diverse patient data, enhances accessibility and efficiency, and empowers each stakeholder in healthcare. Through universal sharing, all normalized disparate patient data sources become a digital front door across the care continuum and creates a connected ecosystem where stakeholders can collaborate more effectively towards holistic healthcare goals and realize the principles of the Quintuple aim. With this combined framework, we can achieve improved outcomes, reduced costs, streamlined operations and processes, better medication adherence, preventative and chronic disease management, improved patient engagement, and further support of health equity efforts and vulnerable populations.

The future of healthcare with this approach will enable:

  • Stronger trust and transparency in the patient-provider relationship through open lines of communication via synchronous and asynchronous touchpoints.
  • A surge in "Aging in place," where patients can live independently with access to care anytime, anywhere.
  • Sustainable care systems that prioritize efficiency and environmental stewardship, improving care quality for generations to come.
  • A symbiotic network effect, where stakeholders collectively work together to achieve the Quintuple Aim.
  • Health issues to be addressed based on individual factors and facilitating personalized medicine.

Embracing the Quintuple Aim and a Digital-first, Data-first, Platform-based, Human-centric Architecture to shape the future of healthcare requires a collective effort and collaboration among all stakeholders in healthcare - providers, payers, policymakers, and even patients themselves. It will take a village to fix the current gaps and fragmented care delivery and healthcare issues, reduce frustrations that patients experience, and drive true outcomes in care. Realizing this framework also means we must:

  • Empower a digital-first, data-first, platform-based, human-centric architecture: Prioritizing the use of technology will improve care access, efficiency, and outcomes in delivery. By placing data at the forefront, providers can have actionable insights for informed decision-making and personalized care. Having data easily digested in an inclusive hub allows them to do what they do best – spend less time searching for information needed to make care decisions and more time focusing on their patient's care. With a platform-based, human-centric approach, organizations can scale with technology serving as the enabler and providing solutions to each patient's unique needs.
  • Engage the empowered consumer: By embracing patient engagement strategies and empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare journey, we will build stronger relationships between patients and their providers and empower more robust care processes that help achieve the Quintuple Aim.
  • Centralize the data, De-centralize the access: Centralizing disparate data sources into digestible pieces and a platform acting as a command center will give organizations the comprehensive view needed while simultaneously de-centralizing the point of care experience in a meaningful way for all healthcare stakeholders, empowering "care anywhere."
  • Monitor and Measure: Leveraging data and technology together gives stakeholders the insights needed to oversee care processes and their effectiveness and allows them to enact necessary adjustments for continuous improvement.

Together the Quintuple Aim and a Digital-first, Data-first, Platform-based, human-centric Architecture represent a much-needed paradigm shift in healthcare – one that transcends traditional silos and embraces a holistic, patient-centered approach to care. With this framework, we can prioritize value, efficiency, and equity and create a healthcare ecosystem that addresses all of healthcare's most significant challenges and meets the needs of patients, providers, and communities alike.

This blog was created in partnership with Health Data Management. View the blog on the Health Data Management website here.

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