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Single-click access: A new way to power population health

By Jessica Robinson

"Knowledge is power." That is such a commonly used quote that sometimes we forget the true value of its meaning. For The Garage, however, it is a superb expression of the reason behind everything we do.

Our mission is to give accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other clinically intelligent networks (CINs) the power to better manage the health of patient populations. The way we do it is by easing access to relevant knowledge.

In this era of shared savings and other value-based reimbursement models, it is essential for ACOs and CINs to understand exactly where they stand on spending, cost and care quality - and to do so at any given moment. Healthcare leaders have long wanted such information, but until recently have been unable to get it. So, we have dedicated ourselves to aggregating data, then applying artificial intelligence (AI) to cut cleanly through the data "noise" and deliver visual snapshots of the key information clinicians and executives need.

Now, we are thrilled to make all of that information even simpler for our clients to obtain.

With the new product update of Bridge 5.0.0, clients can view the information necessary to make better financial and clinical decisions - without logging into yet another portal. Instead, crucial insights will be readily available within existing workflows through a browser extension.

This update will allow clients access to vital details while still in an electronic health record (EHR) or another system, just by clicking on the Blaze icon, enabling them to visualize and drill down into network, practice-level data allowing providers to make point of care decisions upon review. This Blaze browser extension is a game changer for providers, giving full access to review, when notified, any and all updates to the aggregated patient record.

For example, a network administrator can see potential new revenue opportunities at a glance. A tile that states, "Here are your new revenue opportunities" can quantify potential revenue from non-billed chronic care management (CCM), annual well visits (AWV) or transitional care management (TCM) - with the capability to drill down into the data behind the numbers. Likewise, dashboards can give clinicians details about costs, open care gaps and admissions in a way that lets them address the needs of each individual patient on the day's schedule.

We are tremendously excited about the new and innovative features being rolled out this month, which will let healthcare executives and clinicians alike see exactly what they need to do to address care gaps, improve care quality and control costs. For ACOs and CINs, The Garage promises to help move the concept of "knowledge is power" from imagination to reality.

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