Our Reflections from ViVE 2024: Healthcare Hot Topics & its Latest Trends

By Lauren Holloway, Director of Brand Advocacy Marketing & PR, The Garage

We recently attended ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, California, which gave many industry leaders, innovators, and changemakers the opportunity to come together and have the conversations needed to make a transformative impact in healthcare. Here, many vendors were showcasing their products that help bridge the gaps in healthcare and attending the conference reaffirmed our mission of changing healthcare for community at a time. Here are the five key reflections we took away from ViVE, shedding light on the exciting developments and challenges that lie ahead.

  • A sense of urgency around value-based care: There were numerous conversations around the urgent need for a paradigm shift toward healthcare models centered around value and a holistic approach that provides comprehensive, outcomes-driven care. With more organizations prioritizing value-based care over fee-for-service models, we can improve patient satisfaction and reduce overall healthcare costs when organizations are equipped with actionable insights to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and interventions. The urgency around value-based care and more conversations revolving around VBC is positive for the future of healthcare.
  • "AI-enabled" startups continue to come out of the woodwork: AI-enabled startups seem to be everywhere and are well-funded. However, real-world use cases that substantiate their impact on the healthcare landscape are still a work in progress. While AI-enabled technology can offer potential, but these startups must transition from theoretical promises to tangible impacts. While AI is all the buzz today in healthcare, there needs to be a thoughtful and well-executed incorporation of these technologies that aligns with the overarching goal of improving patient outcomes.
  • Noticeable representation of FQHCs & Nurses, which was heartening to see: The spotlight shone on National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)-led CHCs and nurse-led innovations, allowing them to demonstrate the profound contributions they make day in and day out to bridge the gaps in healthcare. With a bigger representation of these unsung heroes at ViVE, it reaffirms the critical role they play in fostering a truly inclusive healthcare system that can address the multifaceted needs of healthcare communities.
  • Data analytics and interoperability in the spotlight: ViVE 2024 brought data analytics and interoperability to the forefront with the help of conversations led by our partner, Health Gorilla. These compelling discussions championed the need for a data-first approach to shape the future of healthcare. With the seamless exchange of data across systems and platforms that offer providers access to a comprehensive view of their patients, streamlined workflows, reduced administrative burdens, and more collaboration among care teams.
  • The lack of focus on SDOH: Despite more than 50% of community health outcomes being driven by social determinants of health, there was a significant gap in coverage and dialogue. Looking forward, there is a need for increased attention on SDOH and the conversations about a comprehensive and inclusive healthcare approach. With the lack of presence of conversations of this at ViVE, it shed the light on the fact that these often crucial factors in healthcare tend to be overshadowed by other topics. It is imperative that we bring social determinants of health to the forefront of healthcare conversations.

In conclusion, we as an industry tend to get excited about buzzwords within healthcare such as AI, but we need to see the tangible impacts it makes as well as maintain a well-rounded perspective that also encompasses social determinants of health and recognizes that significant contributions of FQHCs and nurse-led innovations. Bridging the gaps in healthcare hinge on the use of data analytics and interoperability platforms that empower the shift from fee-for-service models to patient-centric value-based care models. Doing this, we can truly change healthcare for good.

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