The Garage Announces $5.7 Million Average Savings for CMS MSSP Clients in 2017

Platform continues to fuel high performance through new 5.0.0 update release

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Garage, a provider of population health management platform solutions to stakeholders across the industry, recently announced its CMS Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) clients achieved 2017 performance of an average generated savings of $5.7 million and an average quality score of 93.55 percent.

Following this news, The Garage announces the launch of Bridge 5.0.0 platform update, which will continue to provide ACOs critical and convenient insights into their patient populations through an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven dashboard and intelligent browser assistants at the point of care. The new additions, named Blaze Board and Blaze Speaks, will allow clients to view the information necessary to make better financial and clinical decisions - without logging into yet another portal. Instead, crucial insights will be readily available within existing workflows through a browser extension.

Several clients attest to the instrumental impact The Garage's partnership has had on their organizations' performance success and cost savings.

"We struggled to effectively analyze or even understand CMS data our first year as an ACO, given the population health management platform we used at that time," said Diane Blackburn, Executive Director at Prime Accountable Care, LLC. "It wasn't until our second year that we achieved CMS Shared Savings and did so by switching to The Garage's platform. We did save money our first year, but inaccurate insights caused us not to achieve a CMS award. After adopting The Garage's platform, we received a high rating from CMS on our quality performance and reduced our costs by millions of dollars, which far exceeded our expectations. As CMS and commercial-payer ACO programs become more demanding and data-intensive, we believe it will be impossible for any ACO like ours to succeed without such a partner."

"Our long-standing partnership with the Garage has been critical to our ability to analyze quality and cost data," said Sid Morgan, CEO of Aegis Medical Group. "The Bridge platform has played an integral role in our ability to be able to effectively manage risk across multiple contracts. We look forward to further boosting our performance in 2018."

The Bridge platform updates will be available for demonstration at Booth 20 at the National Association of ACOs' (NAACOS) Fall 2018 Conference on October 3 -5, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

"The overall performance of MSSP ACOs in 2017 is a wakeup call for our industry and should encourage more providers to accelerate their transformation to value based care," said Pranam Ben, CEO at The Garage. "We believe the new 5.0.0 innovations will equip clinicians and executives with the key insights they need to reach further exceptional performance and improve quality of care in the communities they serve."

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The Garage, based in Orlando, Fla., is more than a healthcare IT company. Deeply rooted in the healthcare industry, the company works with more than 25 ACOs and over 8,000 providers, empowering them with solutions to create a more integrated, value-centered and patient-focused care experience. Through its collaborative population health management platform, Bridge, The Garage touches more than 7 million patient lives, allowing providers to achieve the Triple Aim of lower cost, better care and improved health. Through its leading solutions and exclusive industry partnerships, including Bioreference, one of the largest commercial labs in the U.S., The Garage enables physicians and health organizations to more easily interact to provide more streamlined, flexible and meaningful patient care. For more information, visit

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