The Garage Expands Patient Engagement Footprint with Its Innovative,Telemedicine Platform Ignite

Orlando, FL (January 27, 2016) - The Garage announced today that it has signed contracts with multiple healthcare organizations for its innovative, telemedicine platform Ignite, extending the company's footprint in patient engagement technologies. This technology has been tried and tested with multiple patients from different demographics and varied geography including local, national and international locations. Initial signs indicate a strong adoption and satisfaction in the overall experience, both from consumers and physicians.

"The ability to leverage telehealth technology and enable virtual visits improves access to critical health services"

"Telemedicine is expected to be a $6.2 billion global market by 2020. As a pioneer in patient engagement technology, Ignite was the natural progression of our obsessive journey towards the future of consumer driven healthcare using state of the art technologies," said Pranam Ben, Founder and CEO of The Garage.

Ignite is a unique telemedicine platform that allows for remote care delivery using cloud based video, audio and text while enabling providers to be fully compatible with all federal guidelines. Ignite's six areas of focus are - Chronic Care Management, Home Health, Consults, Remote Intensive Care, Medication Adherence and Care Coordination.

For providers, Ignite is convenient, cost-effective and has a broad set of applications for patient care. Dr. Kishore Ranadive, from Orlando Heart Specialists said, "Telehealth is the future of patient engagement. Ignite provides 24-hour accessibility to my patients while enabling me delivery timely, preventative care. I can also access all medical records and provide specialized opinions during the appointment." Dr. Ranadive recently conducted a consult with Jack Marette, a patient from Plankinton, South Dakota."I would do it again. It was very convenient, provided the advice I needed and I prefer it over an office visit."

There is a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians in meeting the needs of patients nationwide, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges. The issue is especially challenging for the 25 percent of the U.S. population that lives in rural areas, where access to health care is often lacking.

More than 10 million consumers directly benefited from using telemedicine last year, according to the American Telemedicine Association, and a recent Harris Poll survey found that more than a quarter of consumers (27 percent) would choose a telehealth visit if the option was available to them. "The ability to leverage telehealth technology and enable virtual visits improves access to critical health services," said Dr. Jason Pirozzolo, Orlando Hand Surgery Associates. "Technologies like Ignite will empower legislative changes that will allow for more mainstream adoption of telemedicine in healthcare."

About The Garage:

The Garage is an Orlando, Florida based Health IT company with an exclusive focus in patient engagement and population health management. They serve healthcare clients of all sizes throughout Florida and the United States. For more information visit For more information visit

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