The Garage Plans to Add in 40 More Measures by End of Year for HEDIS NCQA Certification

By Maria Kordit, VP, Community Engagement, The Garage

In pursuit of the highest healthcare quality standards, The Garage is taking significant strides in expanding its HEDIS NCQA certification measures. The Health Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS), overseen by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), establishes the benchmark for exceptional patient care to both patients and communities. Over 90% of the nation's Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health plans actively participate in the HEDIS review.

To support that standard through our advanced data-driven tools, The Garage's Bridge platform has successfully attained certification in over two dozen HEDIS measures within the last 12 months, with an additional 40 measures planned before year's end. While HEDIS measures are often correlate with eCQM and MIPS measures aligned with CMS, the NCQA HEDIS version is mostly used for reporting to payors directly.

The Garage's certification is a testament to passing NCQA's standardized audit methodology, which includes HEDIS compliance standards. This accomplishment empowers our data engine to offer clients and partners to review client performance with integrity. Whether you need to furnish supplementary information to payors, trend quality performance against your benchmarks throughout the year, or engage in active outreach tools through our patient engagement tools to help support gap closure, The Garage's comprehensive population health management platform, Bridge, is your solution.

Embrace the opportunity to attain the highest star ratings across various domains with The Garage's Bridge platform. Elevate your healthcare quality standards and enhance patient care integrity through our certified capabilities.

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