The Garage's app gets bought by Dallas firm

ORLANDO, FL - February 21, 2014 - A Dallas-based health care technology company has acquired a product built by Orlando's The Garage, the two firms announced Feb. 21.

The Garage's product, Engage, is a mobile application for patients to use while waiting for a doctor's appointment. The app has offline communication with health care practices, offers a forum for providers to push educational materials to their populations, entertains patients with videos, magazines, games and social widgets, and increases overall patient satisfaction, according to news reports.

Dallas-based Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, which provides technology and services to hospitals, physicians practice groups and other health care providers, has acquired the product. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. "Engage is a game-changer in the mobile patient engagement marketplace," said The Garage Founder and CEO Pranam Ben, in a prepared statement. "We are excited about partnering with Anthelio who shares our vision and commitment to innovation in health care, delivered through technology."

"We believe in engaging patients on the go and Engage is the perfect app for that," said Asif Ahmad, CEO of Anthelio Healthcare, in a prepared statement. "With this customizable platform, organizations can deliver a variety of health information to the patient on their personal mobile device, whenever and wherever they want it."

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