The Garage's MSSP ACO Partners: A Decade of Success and $88 Million in Medicare Savings in 2022

By Maria Kordit, VP, Community Engagement, The Garage

In 2022, The Garage's MSSP ACO Partners once again demonstrated their dedication to transforming healthcare by reporting an impressive $88 million in Gross Medicare Savings. This achievement reflects not only their commitment to value-based care, but our decade of support, consistent growth, and innovation within the CMS MSSP program. Over the past seven years, these MSSP ACO partners have cumulatively saved an astounding $800 million and have led the way in revolutionizing healthcare delivery and cost savings. Moreover, 59% of our ACO's have generated savings for three years in a row with a quality score equal to or better than national average. The ability to consistently generate savings implies that our ACOs partners have honed their care delivery processes, embraced innovation, and fostered a culture of efficiency.

In addition to the substantial Medicare savings in 2022 and demonstration of continued success, The Garage's MSSP ACO Partners achieved several significant milestones exemplifying their commitment to high-quality care and cost-effective solutions:

  1. 10% Increase in Per Capita Gross Savings: MSSP ACO partners have demonstrated their ability to drive greater cost reductions while maintaining the quality of care.
  2. An average quality score of 81%: Prioritizing the delivery of excellent healthcare services that meet rigorous quality standards, MSSP ACO partners have achieved an average quality score of 81%.
  3. 65% of the participating healthcare entities have generated savings: Through their partnership with The Garage, 65% of participating healthcare entities have generated savings, achieving success in their population health initiatives.
  4. Reductions in Inpatient Hospital Discharges and Outpatient ED Visits: Across The Garage's ACO partners, there was a 3.1% decrease in inpatient hospital discharges per 1000 patients, and a 4.3% decrease in outpatient ED visits per 1000 patients. This highlights the impact of focus on preventive care and reducing unnecessary hospitalizations as part of their population health management strategy.
  5. 1.6% Decrease in Readmission Rates: There was a notable 1.6% decrease in readmission rates across MSSP ACO partners, reflecting the effective delivery of post-discharge care, a crucial component of population health management.
  6. Demonstration of quality excellence: The statistic that 59% of our ACOs have achieved savings for three consecutive years is a testament to the effectiveness of value-based-care and showcases a commitment to sustainable cost control that goes beyond short-term financial gains.

Utilizing The Garage's leading population health management platform, Bridge, ACOs gain access to a comprehensive suite of applications that empower success across healthcare metrics. One standout tool in our arsenal is the Care Gaps quality measurement solution, which enables review of current measure rates, offers insights on measure level patient counts, as well as allows for direct patient attestation for GPRO. Powered by a robust combination of claims and EMR data, Care Gaps is able to support advanced data applied intelligence.

The Garage is thrilled to continue its collaboration with MSSPs and other ACO APMs, as we remain dedicated to reshaping the healthcare landscape in the United States. Leveraging a decade of growth and innovation, and harnessing digital-first, data-first population health solutions, we continue to help our partners deliver high-quality care while achieving significant cost savings. These accomplishments, coupled with key performance metrics, reinforce our and our MSSP ACO partner's unwavering commitment to building a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare system for the future.

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