The Garage's 2023 in Review: Empowering over $115 Million in Gross ACO Annual Savings, Strategic Partnerships, New Customers, Senior Leadership Additions, and Platform Innovations

Orlando, FL (January 5, 2023) - Looking back on 2023, The Garage empowered significant impact across communities while cultivating strategic partnerships, and fortifying its mission to change healthcare for community at a time.

Garage's MSSP ACO Partners and DCE partners collectively achieved over $115 million in gross savings with an average quality score of 92%. Jen Schultze, Senior Director of Healthcare Transformation at Collaborative Health Systems states, "Our collaboration with The Garage has significantly improved our team's focus on patient care by utilizing a single platform. With easy access to all necessary information, we are able to effectively evaluate, monitor, and address medical and societal concerns, leading to positive outcomes."

In 2023, The Garage forged strategic partnerships with key stakeholders of the ecosystem like global life sciences and healthcare leader Labcorp and Health Gorilla, the nation's pioneering dual-designated Qualified Health Information Network™ and QHIO. The partnership with Labcorp allows The Garage to accelerate market growth, elevate customer satisfaction, and integrate Labcorp's data into Bridge for comprehensive population insights.

Partnering with Health Gorilla will elevate The Garage's Clinical Informatics (CI) capabilities and amplify the scale of its clinical data. By leveraging Health Gorilla's data platform, The Garage empowers customers with comprehensive health information at their fingertips and enhances the quality of treatment for patients across communities. "We're thrilled to collaborate with The Garage to bring the breadth and depth of our Qualified Health Information Network to their population health platform," said Steve Yaskin, CEO & Co-founder of Health Gorilla. "As a recently Designated QHIN, Health Gorilla makes it easy for value-based care solutions to collect and analyze the holistic patient journey and surface insights that enable success in risk-based models. Together, we can achieve a shared vision to improve the patient experience, reduce the burden on providers, and enable cost-efficient care."

To better align The Garage's capabilities and provide stronger support to its customers, The Garage proudly introduced key leadership additions to the crew, Jason Whiteside, SVP, Platform Ops & Growth, Emily Barlow, SVP, Customer Success and Kevin Kupitz, SVP, Market Development & Growth.

The Garage's 11th annual FUSE user conference was hosted at The Bridge Building in Nashville, TN. FUSE 2023 was the biggest and best event yet, drawing in over 1100 attendees, in-person and virtual. It featured a variety of influential industry leaders, and guests were able to hear from world-renowned quadruple amputee Unstoppable Tracy as she shared her remarkable story of resilience.

With a singular commitment to amplify the platform offerings, the Garage successfully certified close to 100 quality measures in 2023, across HEDIS and eCQM. Another keystone innovation launch was Sync, an end-to-end remote patient monitoring (RPM) and device management app in Bridge that empowers home-based care, real-time monitoring, and success in value-based care.

"In 2023, our journey was defined by transformative milestones and a strategic alignment of our structure to our core mission of changing healthcare for good. As we look ahead to 2024, we look forward to intensifying our efforts to democratize value-based care across all communities that we participate in." said Founder and CEO Pranam Ben.

About The Garage

Based in Orlando, Florida, the Garage is a population health management technology company dedicated to changing healthcare for good... one community at a time. The company works with more than 100+ healthcare organizations and 19,500+ providers across 34 states. Through its collaborative population health management platform, Bridge, the Garage touches more than 15.5 million patient lives, allowing providers to achieve the Quintuple AIM of lower cost, better care, improved health, sustainable care models and equitable access to care. For more information, visit, and follow The Garage on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Lauren Holloway
Director of Brand Advocacy

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